Installation in Window Server 2019

I got some troubles when installing EdgeLine in window 10 Server, notification that this installation requires window 7,8,10. I have tried to run it in compatibility mode with window 7 or 8 but nothing change

AFAIK “Windows 10 Server” does not exist; only Windows Server 2016/2019. Is that what you mean?

The setup tool might be checking that the OS version matches an expected pattern instead of checking for the presence of features.

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Window Server 2019, but what should I do to install on this OS version ?

The installer probably needs to be adjusted to allow more variants of Windows instead of just checking for standard Windows 10, but I don’t work on Edgeline so I can’t say for sure.

We haven’t tried EdgeLine on Windows Server so far.

If it’s not so complicated and there a reasonable need for it we can support Windows Servers too but I’d like to understand your use case.

Do you use a Windows Server OS on your PC? Or try to run EdgeLine remotely?

We really restricted the installed to desktop Windows variants.

I try to install on a lab server that actually runs Window Server 2019, thus the lab members can use it to use EdgeLine remotely.