Inset Shadow style property

css shadows have an ‘inset’ parameter that can be used to draw shadows on the inside rather than the outside of boxes. This gives the illusion of being behind the background.
This feature might seem like a nice-to-have, but its actually used a lot for button (and textbox) styling since it allows for a button to look like it is physically pressed by only changing the shadow style fron normal to inset. Another common pattern is a textbox that is behind the background and a button that hovers over the background via shadow styling, which looks very professional.
I’ve seen this feature semi-requested in the how-to secton twice but thought it was worth its own ‘Feature request’.
l see the css implementation in lvgl as one of its main advantages over other ui libraries and going back to importing css buttons in many sizes as images feels very wrong.

I agree that it would be great! When our graphics designer lists the missing features of LVGL inset shadow is always among them :smiley:

It’s on my personal TODO list to implement it once, but there is no target data yet.

@kisvegabor Do we know when this can be supported? This is going to be a very useful feature. :smiley:

Our designer also waits for it. :smiley:

Now I’m more into to architectural things and not the new features so I can’t deal with it in the near future. :frowning: