Individual bargraph like an LED Bar

I want do create an LED Bar
How it should look:
Where the yellow and red is always but half half intensity. And the green bar is moving from left to right like in picture below:

If somebody has an good Idea how to create this. Would be great.
And if where is a peak holder perhaps in blue it would be fantastic.

Thanks Matthias

You have to draw the bar first (in paint or other drawingtool) translate to c file and only show part of the bar based on signal strength. There is a nice example in squareline studio. Choose audio_mixer example


This way I know but I don’t want to do it like that way.
@paulh001 thanks for your answer.

Well in that case let me know, I am also interested :slight_smile:
The alternative is to use a canvas object and draw on the canvas, I did that before. But is a bit of work to get it right.