Inconsistency in lv_lmeter after porting to linux user space

Hi, we are using lvgl on our linux platform for a 320x240 LCD running directly from user space (no GPU or hardware frame buffers).
Using simulator in Visual Studio on PC I’ve created a project that looks ok with the same size (320x240) and ensured that lv_conf and the application code is the same as on our platform. The coms to the display (ST7789V) seem in line with datasheet.

The issue: While lv_label text matches and looks fine on the sim and lcd screen (and tested with R G B colors of varying intensity) the lv_lmeter object render looks quite different on our platform that from the simulator.
The location and size of the lv_lmeter radial object looks in line with sim, however the colors of that object are an ugly washed out tone of grey, and in addition the drawing of the inner dial markers are drawn too small and not correctly.

I have started looking at the ST7789V datasheet for clues,
but could this be something related to porting or at SW level?
Any suggestion where to look would be appreciated.

I seemed to have fixed it now. There is a difference in contrast between the display and the sim which can be managed. In addition to some register settings in the display had to be tweaked.