Important changes in master - New driver API

Hi Guys,

I’d like to inform you about I have merged the driver architecture update to the master branch. It includes a lot of changes:

  • New color formats support and management with RGB888 support
  • API changes in display and input device (indev) drivers
  • Built-in drivers

If you would like to try out these changes please take a look at this GitHub issue where I’ve summarized the changes in more detail.

This update opens the door for moving more drivers into the main LVGL repository. The goal is to have vendor agnostic drivers for the various display and touch controllers to which any vendor’s SPI, I2C or other periphery can be easily attached.

Besides many smaller changes for v9 will focus on 2 main topics:

  1. Parallel rendering to better utilize multiple CPU cores and GPUs
  2. New image decoder and image format support

See the Roadmap for more details.

I’ll keep you updated if there is something to try out :slight_smile:


I see this in the roadmap…

Might consider expanding on this by graying out a disabled widget instead of just disabling input ability. Having a way to let a user know why it is not working it always a helpful thing… Just a simple recolor of the widget will be a way to let a user know that it has been disabled. For the time being I would make it so the recolor takes place internally and later on down the road adding the ability to set the disabled colors can be done.

You can set any style of the widgets in LV_STATE_DISABLED state.