Implicit display roation when using TFT_eSPI library

I’m using an ESP32 Board with 240 px x 320 px TFT (touch) screen. Im using the TFT_eSPI library to access the screen.
I started a 1st project when I noticed that I was using an older (8.3) version of the LVGL library. So I migrated to version 9.1. I had to change some function names and definitions but finally the project was running again.
The only issue remains is that the screen is rotated.

One of the things that I found when using version 9.1 was that the LVGL library is already creating an instance of the TFT-eSPI class to control the screen when calling the lv_tft_espi_create() function. That’s fine, but in that function I also found the expression

dsc->tft->setRotation(3); /* Landscape orientation, flipped */

That’s why I see the (unwanted) screen rotation.

Here are my questions:

  • Why is an explicit rotation part of the initialization of the TFT-eSPI object? What is the idea behind it?
  • What I need is setRotation(0). What is the intended way to achieve that rotation?
  • I was not able to find documentation about this part of the library function. Is it somewhere?

A question that is related to this, though a slightly different topic.
I’m using TFT-eSPI also to handle the display’s touch screen. Since, at least for the display part, I do no longer create my own instance of the TFT-eSPI class but leave it to the LVGL library: how can I make use of the touch screen functions of that instance (e.g. the method getTouch)?
Is there documentation available?

Thank you very much