Implementing LVGL with DWIN AiOT display

Hello Everyone.

I’m new to LVGL. I have 10.4 Dwin display DMG16720C104_03WTC.
The screen have its own IC T5L2 that drives the graphics and to control the display you have to use command set in hex through serial.write() (Arduino MCU for example)

Has anyone ever tried to implement LVGL with this platform or may shine a bit of light how to attack this?

The display is nice because it’s 1600x720 wide.

Thanks for any help
Guide attached.
T5L_TA-AIoT-LCM-Platform-Instruction-Screen-Development-Guide.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Aren’t you supposed to use Dwin’s software? Do you have info on how to program the T5L?