Image zoom sfx/transition/animation

How should I implement a image zoom in transtition effect on an monochrome oled?

Hi, I’m using my own custom built stm32wb55 series board with 512K flash and 256k ram. The core is M4 capable of at least 64Mhz speed.

I’m using the latest LVGL downloaded from github 4 hours ago. I tried find the precise version in the zip file but failed.

So I want to implement a zoom in effect (and perhaps move in from the bottom effect together so it’s going to be a combination) for an icon on my 256*128 oled display. The icon is going to be 48by48 large.

I’m trying to save time by asking people here how I should do it. I think there should be 2 ways to do it, not counting re-invent the wheel and write everything by my own.

I could use a scaling function that draw a still images, wipe it clean (an area but not the entire screen to save computing time), then redraw the icon, so on so forth.

Or, alternatively, lvgl already has a view of some sort which implemented this transition effect, in which case all I need to do is to point it to the right image array/struct and call it.

I’m expecting that I’ll be doing it using the first method, but I’m not sure.

Can someone please give me some ideas? Thanks in advance.


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It’s in lvgl.h

Image transformations are supported as described in the docs.