Image rotation function

Is there a plan to develop image rotation function?

I’m developing a time-setting app. I want to do a function of needle meter rotation.


You can already do it with the lv_canvas object. Be sure to set up the buffer correctly, and then you should be able to rotate it.

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Thanks, I will have a try.

Image rotation is now supported directly in the dev-7.0 branch. See this comment.

I can’t get lv_canvas_rotate to compile. I’ve downloaded the VSS to run the emulator and can run all the examples but when I type lv_canvas_rotate there is no intellisence auto-complete and it compiles with the error “unresolved external symbol lv_canvas_rotate referenced in function …” So it’s obviously not picking up the reference to the function. I can’t find that function in any of the source files and the only one that has a rotate in the canvas.c is transform. I’m running Ver 7.4 Dev.

What am I doing wrong?

Take a look at the documentation.

Thanks for that. 35 years in IT and I should have known to read the documentation. A simple “lv_canvas_rotate has been replaced with lv_canvas_transform” would have been a lot more helpful rather than me digging through old release notes. I thought that was what forums were for?

I was running the example from a post you were involved in with Gabor when creating lv_canvas_rotate so I thought it was a legitimate question.
Obviously not.

APIs get renamed sometimes, so I looked up the canvas documentation and pointed you to the area where the new API was described.