Image distortion

Hi, I am using LVGL v7.10
I am trying to build one analog watch. I am using an amoled display 390*390
I could able to make it run , but the issue here is that while rotating the needle the image is getting distorted.
Any suggestion?

Probably there is a bug in your disp flush callback.

You can try without image rotation to create a button on the the wallpaper and make it dragable. I think the image will distorted as you drag the button.

Yes, I have created a button and made it draggable , While dragging image is distorting.

Great! Then it’s really a bug in your flush_cb. Probably +/-1 in width.

Hi, I am using free rtos with lvgl. I want to know how can I store images in the external flash.
Do I need to have file system?

It depends. If the external flash is mapped into the MCUs memory then you don’t have to use file system.

In that case how will I get the path of the file?

It depends on the file system and unrelated to LVGL. If you can open, read, close a file you can use LVGL’s File system API to access the file from LVGL.

I have integrated one file system with my source code and able to read write into external memory.
Please let me know how to read image files from external flash and display it?

See here: File system — LVGL documentation