Image cover totally an object


In ver 6, I could create an object as a parent and an image as its child.
My goal was to make icons in which some parts of their image would become red, whenever they were focused.
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without using two images. because the middle of the image was transparent. so only the obj behind it would be recolored to red.
Anyway, my questions are:

  1. Is it still a good teqnique regarding the features we have in ver 7.3?

  2. I can not get to this in ver 7.3. The code I used for the style of objects in ver 6 was:

    	lv_style_copy (&style_menu_objects, &lv_style_pretty);
	style_menu_objects.body.main_color   = lv_color_make(160, 160, 160);
	style_menu_objects.body.grad_color   = lv_color_make(160, 160, 160);
	style_menu_objects.body.border.color = lv_color_make(0, 0, 0);
	style_menu_objects.body.border.width = 10;
	style_menu_objects.body.border.opa   = LV_OPA_COVER;

But the problem I have is I can not cover the object completely by its child -image- I also tried setting all padding of the object and margin of the image to zero, but couldn’t get the result.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

stm32f429igt6, stm32cubeide

What LVGL version are you using?


Oh, It’s interesting. when I used this code:

    lv_obj_set_style_local_radius(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 23);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_pad_all(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 0);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_pad_inner(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 0);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_bg_color(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, lv_color_make(160, 160, 160));
	lv_obj_set_style_local_border_opa(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, LV_OPA_COVER);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_border_color(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, LV_COLOR_BLACK);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_border_width(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 4);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_border_color(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_FOCUSED, LV_COLOR_BLACK);
	lv_obj_set_style_local_bg_color(obj_main_menu[MAIN_PATIENTLIMITS], LV_PAGE_PART_BG, LV_STATE_FOCUSED, LV_COLOR_RED);

The corner of the object was bigger than the image, so it was not covered fully by the image. but by using this:

	lv_style_set_radius(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 23);
	lv_style_set_pad_all(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 0);
	lv_style_set_pad_inner(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 0);
	lv_style_set_bg_color(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, lv_color_make(160, 160, 160));
	lv_style_set_bg_opa(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, LV_OPA_COVER);
	lv_style_set_border_opa(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, LV_OPA_COVER);
	lv_style_set_border_color(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, LV_COLOR_BLACK);
	lv_style_set_border_width(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_DEFAULT, 4);
	lv_style_set_border_color(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_FOCUSED, LV_COLOR_BLACK);
	lv_style_set_bg_color(&style_obj_menu_icons, LV_STATE_FOCUSED, LV_COLOR_RED);

I could get the same result as the time I used ver 6.0. Why?:thinking:

You appear to have missed bg_opa when using local styles - maybe that’s the reason?

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