I use lvgl to develop my M5Pi Launcher

Hi everyone,

M5Pi Launcher with LVGL

This is the Launcher I developed using LVGL for my M5Pi board.
M5Pi is an opensource embedded Linux development board I designed, using Allwinner’s F1C200s chip.The source files have not been fully released because I have not yet completed the development. :rofl: But it will opensource for everyone.
LVGL is a very good GUI framework.


Great project! :+1:

What is the speed of the CPU? I found that it’s 400-600MHz but the FPS seems a little bit low for this clock speed.

Yes, CPU clock speed is 600Mhz, I don’t know why the FPS seems a liitle bit low,It maybe related to SPI LCD clock speed or others.

What is the SPI clock speed and the display’s resolution?
And have you enabled compiler optimization?

SPI clock 80Mhz, resolution is 320*240.
No optimization, still under development :rofl:

Hmm, it’s strange. Let us know if you find something :slight_smile:

M5Pi Launcher Repo(alpha version :grinning:):

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