I can't use qrcode library on ESP32 (Arduino IDE)


I’m using ESP32 and Arduino IDE for implementing LVGL8.3.7. I want to use qrcode library and I found it in the directory below: C:\Users\a.karimi\Documents\Arduino\libraries\lvgl\src\extra\libs\qrcode.
After I build the project I program it on esp32 but it doesn’t work. I got an error and my screen is empty! I used a simple example that Mr @kisvegabor in this link: GitHub - lvgl/lv_lib_qrcode: QR code generation with LVGL but I didn’t replace my library with the files in this link. Would you please help me?
I got this error in Arduino:

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee


mode:DIO, clock div:1




entry 0x400805f0

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

Using qrcode Library

What have you tried so far?

I use this code:
and I use the default library of qrcode in the extra/libs/qrcode folder.

    const char * data = "Hello world";
    /*Create a 100x100 QR code*/
    lv_obj_t * qr = lv_qrcode_create(ui_QRCode, 130, lv_color_hex(0x000000), lv_color_hex(0xffe96e));
    /*Set data*/
    lv_qrcode_update(qr, data, strlen(data));

Screenshot and/or video

Your mages adn report isnt any error - showed normal boot messages
Try explain

Hello @Marian_M . Thanks for your response. this is all ESP32 sent on serial at runtime and there is nothing more. when I add qrcode part in my code my display doesn’t show anything. Would please help me? I have no idea what to do!

MORE DETAIL::::::::::::::::::::::
I use the same code in another program that is empty. I mean that when I use qrcode example in a complex UI project that contains 12 screens, my display doesn’t show anything even previous screens. but when I add qrcode example in a simple project with only 1 screen it works! do you have any idea what should I do with esp32 and what could be the problem?
@Marian_M @kisvegabor
thanks a lot for your all support :hibiscus:

Last line say Brownout detect then check your voltage and boot pin state on reset.
Maybe code is ok , but module dont start it because start bootload flash.
Good practice is print somethink on first lines your code to serial…

did you enable the qrcode widget in lv_conf.h??