How to write driver for a SSD1327 OLED

I’ve just come across you library here and it looks really interesting. I was wondering how to write a driver for a 4 bit Monochrome display driven with a SSD1327.

I haven’t looked to deeply into the source code. So I’m not familiar how the frame buffer is setup.

From what I’ve seen this library will generate its own frame buffer then its my code is responsible for getting that buffer transferred to the display? will the buffer that is generated be the same format i.e. 2 pixels/byte. I would be fine with just pure monochrome with no gray levels it would be not too much trouble to convert 1 byte to 4. Would this be an accurate understanding of how the library works?

Sorry for what might seem like very basic questions I’m looking at this as hobbies who doesn’t have lots of time, but is up for a challenge.

Have you read the Porting documentation? It might help with your questions.

I tried this and it worked very well.

I’m getting a feel for how this all works. The build process is a bit confusing at first.
@embeddedt I read the porting documents yes still a little unclear as to how the buffer works but @xiongyu has used a display chip I’m familiar with I’ll look at that project.

@xiongyu The driver chip in my target device doesn’t use pages it has an 8k framebuffer that is read-only, each byte is 2 pixels with a resolution of 128x128. I do have a 32x128 display that uses the SSD1306 so I can try out what you have done.

I’ve read some issues from GitHub and I will try to build for the Linux frame buffer now that I see how to.

Thanks for the replies.


Basically, you will be passed a framebuffer of known width and height, and be told to blit it onto your screen at a certain position.

So not the whole buffer in one go that’s excellent! The controller supports partial updates!! :+1:

I can see this will be worth the effort