How to use LVGL with ESP32-S2-KALUGA


I recently started to use ESP32-S2-KALUGA for my HMI project. I have difficulties to use LVGL library on the IDE(Visual Studio Code - ESP-IDF).

So, if someone kind here in the forum know how to use it will be very awesome.

Best regards.

here’s an image of the device :


I am having some success using this version of lvgl using these settings in steps 4 and 5 of the “Get Started” instructions in the

LVGL configuration —>
(320) Maximal horizontal resolution to support by the library.
(240) Maximal vertical resolution to support by the library.
(125) DPI (Dots per inch in px).

LVGL TFT Display controller —>
Display orientation (Portrait inverted)
Select a display controller model. (ST7789)
[*] Use custom SPI clock frequency.
Select a custom frequency. (80 MHz)

Display Pin Assignments —>
(9) GPIO for MOSI (Master Out Slave In)
(15) GPIO for CLK (SCK / Serial Clock)
[*] Use CS signal to control the display
(11) GPIO for CS (Slave Select)
[*] Use DC signal to control the display
(13) GPIO for DC (Data / Command)
(16) GPIO for Reset
[*] Enable control of the display backlight by using an GPIO.
(6) GPIO for Backlight Control

YMMV as this is only half-baked.

Thanks Maarten,

Since you signed off with YMMV, I am just confirming that I was able to follow your instructions to get LVGL running on my Kaluga V1.3.