How to use lv_task?

How to use lv_task? Do you have detail introduction for it or where can find the details.

I suggest you briefly skim lv_task.c or lv_task.h. You should be able to pick up on how it works from that.

It doesn’t appear that the documentation has a specific section for tasks - @kisvegabor one of us should probably add that.

Ok, Thanks @embeddedt. I hope we can add a specific section for tasks in the documentation. I think it is very useful for us.

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I wrote about the basic things of lv_tasks in the new documentation of dev-6.0:

Is it clear enough or have missed something important?

Great! Maybe you can add an example for it.

Good idea! I updated the docs.

Probably you need to press Ctrl + F5 to see the new content.

you are so highly efficient. Thanks

Your welcome!
Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

hi, i cant seem to access the page. I get a 404. can you please check @kisvegabor. TIA

The new page is here: