How to use lv_task_once?

Hello everyone!
ive tried to use lv_task_once and got segmentation fault.
lvgl is on SBC framebuffer
library version : 7.10 i think

void samplemethod(void)

task prototype void _LVGL_sample_task(lv_task_t * task){samplemethod();}

actual call lv_task_once(_LVGL_sample_task);

lv_task_once should be called on the return value from lv_task_create. Your compiler should be able to warn you of this if it’s configured correctly.

static uint32_t user_data = 10;

lv_task_once(lv_task_create(_LVGL_set_f0_const, 1000, LV_TASK_PRIO_LOWEST, &user_data));

am i right?

Yes; that should work.