How-to use hw rotation with NXP_PXP

I use lvgl v8.3 as aprt of ZephyrRTOS v3 on the board with mimxrt1050 cpu. My app should use 270 deg rotated image. I used lv_disp_set_rotation(LV_DISP_ROT_270); to set up rotation and want to use internal NXP_PXP_GPU to rotate image. So I defined LV_USE_GPU_NXP_PXP but during compilation received error message
lvgl/src/draw/nxp/pxp/lv_draw_pxp_blend.c:37:10: fatal error: lvgl_support.h: No such file or directory

What is “lvgl_support.h” file? What should it contain?
Any help appreciated