How to use font converter range

I tried to use font converter with cairo-regular.ttf with the Arabic letters range:

0x064A ,0x0649, 0x0648, 0x0647, 0x0646, 0x0645, 0x0644,0x0643, 0x0642, 0x0641, 0x0640, 0x063A ,0x0639, 0x0638, 0x0637, 0x0636 ,0x0635 ,0x0634 ,0x0633, 0x0632, 0x0631 ,0x0630, 0x062F, 0x062E ,0x062D, 0x062C, 0x062B ,0x062A , 0x0629, 0x0628, 0x0627, 0x0626, 0x0625 ,0x0624, 0x0623, ,0x0622 ,0x0621, 0x0620, 0x061F
But I’m getting

What is the right way to write the ranges?

I found the issue, the range should be like this 0x0600-0x06FF, where 0x0600 is the starting point and 0x06FF is the end point

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