How to use build screen on WT32-SC1


I’m new to LVGL. actually I use 8MS with WT32-SC1. But it’s very buggy and it’s not so easy as Edgeline I test this morning :heart_eyes:

But how can I generate a firmware for my ESP32 with EdgeLine ? How do I need to compile the firmware and what code it’s generated ?

I don’t see any button for generation on Edgeline

Sorry for this question who is from a newbie



In the current beta version code generation is still not added.

Our current plan is to generate simple C/H files into a given folder. After that you can compile the generated files similarly to any other file in your project.

ok ! I’m not crazy :stuck_out_tongue: !

So I’ll wait for the version who can generate code.

For me on test I do … it’s really very very good.

Just a remark. I think it’s not very good to see all screen together … perhaps an option to switch between view one screen and all screen ?