How to stop the spam?

Ok, over the last day or so there have been many spam posts.

Is there no way to stop this?


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I am not sure if some admin is deleting all of the spam but they seem to have dissapeared for now.

@kisvegabor You are probably the head admin here, have you found any measures yet? It’s quite annoying: I looked at this post Tips for Preventing Spam - admins - Discourse Meta

But I am not sure if this will suffice- it seems too general. Perhaps banning specific phrases will do the trick.

I’m not sure if it made a difference but I flagged them all as spam.

Hi guys,

These spams are really very annoying and there are lot of them. This is what I did to mitigate it:

  • I removed the spams and blocked the users (now there are much less)
  • Added watch words
  • Increased min. write time of first post to 10 sec from 3 sec

The past 2 hours was calm. Only a few spammers were coming and they were caught by these filters. If these doesn’t help I’ll add the Akismet plugin.

@elgerg Than you for flagging the post. It helps to not miss any of the new spam topics.

I really can’t understand why anyone spams these non sense things. It doesn’t help anyone with marketing. Is it just an attack to make the forums worse?