How to set up LVGL with arduino and tft


I’m having a bit of issues. I will explain my procedure.
I’ve created a new project using Arduino-sub menu and Arduino with TFT_eSpi
I have made my GUI that consists of some labels, arc and ofc. some background images. Then I exported my project files into a folder ( where i got components, fonts, images, screens, CMakeLists, filelist, ui.c, ui, ui_events, ui_helpers.c, ui_helpers)

Now I proceeded to open Arduino IDE and install lvgl- library -by kisvegabor
next step is to set up lv_conf.h file - The issue
I don’t have
I dont have to set Horizontal pixel or Vertical

Can someone post a detailed example, it’s all a bit confusing and complicated to me as I’m not a programmer.

You can watch this video tutorial.

The tutorial is using Platform IO but using Arduino framework, so u are good to go using this.

I finally got it to work with 8.3.7 and i had to make a new Arduino folder.

Do you maybe know how can I simulate moving the arc from min to max values ?
I don’t see a play button in square line studio.
-I de-checked all flags for arc ( since its not a buttor nor a touch screen) I plan to feed it values from a sensor

I’ve figured it out. Thanks