How to select the uC?

Hello all!

I am new to the LVGL, actually I have done some coding with the Adafruit GFX library and Tiny3216. So far so good, however, the processor needs a lift in speed, however, it should still be cheap to buy.

So, my eye is on the new STM32C0 with rather good memory and clock speed too. Indeed, not fast or big enough for the projects I have seen here, however, the plan is not to use that much information, namely for the display. Anyway, I would like it to work fast enough and on e.g. RGB tft display.

My question is can simple operation of graphic be achieved along with the simple program on the STM32C0 and 0.96 inch tft display (RGB appearance color via the ST7723S driver)? So far the tiny 3216 is used on 5V so the speed is 20MHz. We are on 32KB , which is ok, however, the speed could be better, hence I am looking at the STM32C0 that is on 48MHz.

Anyway, does any of you have an experience with that not type, but performance chip, display and this library? Is it worth even to try or should I be looking at much better cpu… again the application is very primitive, including the graphics.