How to scroll label with rotary encoder?

Hi !!!
I have a label with long text, with touchpad I can scroll this lable by swipe up or down. But when I use rotary encoder to navigative, I add label to group with input device, but when I I chose this label I can not scroll this. How can do it ??


With how did you scroll the label? Have you added it to an lv_page object?

Hi !
I create a label, then i add directly this label to group. When i use rotary encoder to focus this label, then select it, i can not scroll label. But when i create a page, add label to page. Then add page to group. Enable page arrow key function, I can focus and scroll label. But this is complex. How can I scroll text label directly using encoder. Is it possible ??

You need to add the page to the group.

You can see it in this demo:

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