How to run lv_micropython on stm32h7b3i-dk


Since lvgl already supports the stm32h7b3i-dk board, what would it take to run lv_micropython on this board?

What I’ve done so far:
compiled lvgl for stm32h7b3i-dk based on the steps in

I did run into the problem that stm32cubeide could not find the lvgl submodule (the lvgl directory was empty after cloning). I manually copied the lvgl files from its own repository and placed it inside the lvgl directory, and the project finished compiling and generated the .elf code for the board. Yet this file doesn’t seem to have the micropython binding.

I was able to download the .hex file for the Elena Smith demo onto the board via stm32cube programmer, and the demo ran OK.

I looked through the lv_micropython doc pages, but there’s no suggestion on compiling for the stm32 board above. Advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!