How to rotate text with less memory

I am working with a 1024x100 display connected to an STM32F429 microcontroller. I have been able to rotate some text on my display in the way I needed, but I would like to see if there is a better way I could do it with less memory. By default, LVGL draws the text on my display rotated 90 degrees from how I want it. Currently, I am just using a canvas that is 100x100 so I can draw my text to the canvas in the default direction and then rotate it 90 degrees to the way I want it. My text could fit in something that is only 15x100, but I can’t figure out how to make LVGL change the direction the text is drawn in without rotating the entire canvas. I was only able to attach a single image, so I will attach an example of the default orientation of the text. I want the text to be perpendicular to the default orientation.

   int main(void)

	/* Configure the system clock to 180 MHz */



    lv_obj_t * scr = lv_disp_get_scr_act(NULL);     /*Get the current screen*/

	    lv_color_t textCanvasBuf[100*100];
	    lv_obj_t * textCanvas;

	    static lv_style_t style;
	    lv_style_copy(&style, &lv_style_plain);
	    style.body.radius = 0;
	    style.body.border.width = 0;
	    style.body.border.color = LV_COLOR_TRANSP;
	    style.body.shadow.color = LV_COLOR_TRANSP;
	    style.body.shadow.width = 0;
	    style.line.width = 0;
	    style.line.color = LV_COLOR_BLACK;
	    style.text.color = LV_COLOR_BLACK;

	    textCanvas = lv_canvas_create(lv_scr_act(), NULL);

	while (1)


	    memset(textCanvasBuf, 0xFF, sizeof(textCanvasBuf));
	    lv_canvas_set_buffer(textCanvas, textCanvasBuf, TEXT_CANVAS_WIDTH,
	    lv_obj_set_pos(textCanvas, 80, 0);
	    lv_canvas_draw_text(textCanvas, 0, 0, TEXT_CANVAS_HEIGHT, &lv_style_scr, "Some test text",

	    lv_color_t cbuf_tmp[100 * 100];
	    memcpy(cbuf_tmp, textCanvasBuf, sizeof(cbuf_tmp));
	    memset(textCanvasBuf, 0xFF, sizeof(textCanvasBuf));
	    lv_img_dsc_t img; = (void *)cbuf_tmp; = LV_IMG_CF_TRUE_COLOR_CHROMA_KEYED;
	    img.header.w = 100;
	    img.header.h = 100;

	    lv_canvas_fill_bg(textCanvas, LV_COLOR_LIME);
	    lv_canvas_rotate(textCanvas, &img, 270, 0, 100, 0, 0);

Default orientation:


How do you drive the display? In this case the display driver should be configured in a different way to swap lines and rows.

In the current configuration (I assume) width and height, x and y are also swapped. So it might cause problems with other things too, not only with texts.

E.g. if you create a list, it will be draw rotated.