How to porting v7.0 apps to v8.0


I recently shifted my code to v8.0, I get random compile errors, I assume the new release doesn’t use lvgl tasks, how do I port tasks in the new release ?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?


They were renamed to timers and the priority system no longer exists. Aside from that, the behavior is identical in v8.

Is it recommended to port tov v8.0 now ? Is it stable enough, as even lv_qr_code doesn’t work with it anymore.

lv_lib_qrcode was updated by @kisvegabor a while ago, so it should be working on v8 already.

Nonetheless, I would personally recommend sticking with v7 if you have an existing project, as there is a lot which has changed between the two versions.

Cool, I’ll spend at max one day to port, hopefully I’ll be able to, if I fail, I’ll fallback to v7.0

But guys, you can’t break so much between versions, atleast a detailed porting guide, will help us all.


Ps: GitHub - Open-Authenticator/open-authenticator-app: Firmware for Open Authenticator

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See this link in the docs. I found it useful, but by no means complete. I must say that it has taken me much longer than a day, but so far well worth it. LV8.0 is so much cleaner and compact in its implementation, thus I suppose the need for breaking changes.

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