How to porting lvgl to STM32H750 + ILI9341


Stm32h750 is a powerful MCU. Lvgl should be very smooth on it. So I want to try porting, but I checked your GitHub. There is no H7-series warehouse. I found ili9341 driver in F-series project, but there is no xpt2046 driver. So I would like to ask about some methods of porting
I’ve just come into contact with STM32, and I don’t know much about it, but I want to try to porting it

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

STM32H750 CustomBoard, gcc compiler, lvgl7.x and ili9314 display

What do you want to achieve?

Port LVGL to this MCU + Display

What have you tried so far?

Port from an existing STM32 project

Code to reproduce

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Actually all you need is an ili9314 driver. It is independent of the exact MCU you use (i.e. same for F7 or H7).

xpt2046 is a simple SPI-based device and there are many drivers on the web. Once you made SPI work, it should be straight forward to read the pressed coordinates and pass them to LVGL.

can i use Lv_ port_ stm32f429_ Is disco’s ili9341 driver and edit lv_port_stm32f769_disco’s tft.h and tft.c
If I can, what should I change
I’ve seen the tft.c of the two of them, and there are some differences, so I don’t know which one to use as the basis fils

In case of lv_ port_ stm32f429_disco ili9341 works in spacial mode.

How do you connect ili9341 to the MCU? Via parallel port or the LTDC periphery?

SPI connet to MCU,and this screen module has a built-in xpt2046 touch controller,I want it to work if I can

Sure you can.
First make SPI work, and try to read the coordinates from XPT2046. After that integration with LVGL should be easy.