How to make transparent gradient effect


i want to make a opa which can let the screen appear opa gradual increase or decrease,
effect like this:


OK, thanks. I’ll try it

Troubling You help me again ,this funciton is use animation to achieve the fade in or fade out,but I want to achieve no animation to
Make the picture as shown above,and I can use gesture to change the pictures have different opa

Sorry , i don’t understand what you mean. If use picture , just change the opa , position , size .

I want the opacity of the middle image to be the maximum, and then the opacity of the left and right sides will gradually decrease from the middle image


I think use animation maybe a good idea

This is not 100% the solution of the problem but you can try.
You can try to place over input-transparent control with only alpha-blended image with radial gradient channel.

Like this

Although I don’t think this method is suitable, thank you for helping me, thank you

thank you,but i think it is diffcult to me :rofl:

My mean is How can let lvgl makes picture transparent change when picture near the edge of the screen or position

I’m sorry I don’t have relevant experience

OK, sorry to disturb you

Hi,do you solve your problem?

The same effect I want to achieve,but have no idea.

there’s a mask function : lv_draw_mask_fade_init ,but it only affects the transparent from top to bottom,and I’m searching for the same effect. :rofl: