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make own widget

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Hi, Team,
Is there any guide on how to make own widget ? Huge change from V7.11 to V8.2, make it hard to port the old version. Any example would be great help!

Best Regards,

Dear @kisvegabor ,
I am porting the old v7.11 version to V8.2.0. I have some customized widgets with the modified design and signal function and follow the guide to replace the default callback fucntion there as:
lv_obj_set_design_cb(btn_my, my_btn_design);
lv_obj_set_signal_cb(btn_my, my_btn_signal);
But for the V8.2.0, things were changed and seems all design and signal callback were packaged to the event callback.
How to replace or just add my own design and signal callback into the existing one? Or any example guide?

Best Regards,

Hi, Sir,
How to replace the signal and design callback of customized widget in V7.11 with the event callback in V8.2? I would like to keep the main function of the original widget ,but just add some new drawing.
Could some one give some advice or any example?

Best Regards,


To see how a widget looks like in v8 I suggest looking into a simple widget. E.g. lv_led.

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Hi,@ kisvegabor,
Many Thanks!
It is really a great upgrading!

Best Regards,