How to indicate the cursor position without focusing the textarea and a keyboard bug report

Hello,There is no touch panel on the screen and the physical key on board is used to type something to lv_textarea using the lv_keyboard.
The cursor of the textarea shows only if the focus is in the textarea,but in my situation,the focus must be in the keyboard.So nothing indicates the cursor.Do you have any idea to indicate the cursor position?

A bug is found in my situation.When the focus is in a textarea,then user presses a physical key which triggers LV_KEY_ENTER.Then a screen with a textarea and a keyboard is created in the event
key handler of the textarea and the default focus is in the first button in the btnmatrix of the keyboard.

But the LV_KEY_ENTER will continue to trigger a press to the focus button after the screen is created.The first focused button of the keyboard is “123” which switches from character to digital keyboard,so the keyboard is always the digital one.How can I avoid this?

Thanks for your replying.

make a style like this


then apply it to your textarea with LV_PART_CURSOR selector.