How to get the EdgeLine 0.4

have the EdgeLine 0.4 is released? how can i get this version?

EdgeLine was only for beta testing. SquareLine is the “real” product which was already released a couple of months ago. See

if you want i have a old versioon v0.3.1:

But I can’t add widget on squareline. When I purchase licenses, the web page always guides me to verify my mailbox

Thanks, lads. I appreciate it

when i click the link: buy licenses( Business),the webset jump to verify my email profiles , allways like this. can not buy licenses.

Did you run

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Yes , first of, and run SquareLine_Studio.x86_64. my operating system is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This problem happens if server/micropython can not be started for some reason.

What happens if you do this from a terminal?

cd server
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Thank you for your guidance. I found a solution to the problem. Now , I’m design my applitcaion UI on lvgl core , have some problems:
1、I want to achieve the effect of page management. The top is the system bar, the middle is the tab button, and the bottom is some pages. Which version do I need to use to achieve such a layout?
2、When that change the focus of checkbox , the style can be customized?
3、How to get the licenses(Business)?

What was the problem?

LVGL v8 has very powerful layouts. See here.

Yes, see here.


ofter run ./ micropython,print version `GLIBC_2.29’ not found

1 I’m found the TabView object example on the Tabview, it only can be create font tabs , how can i carete customized button object tab?
2 I’m try that create some customized object tabs,and call mothed lv_obj_del(page1),It is very slow to hide from the top to the bottom of the object. Not all areas of the object are hidden together. The effect is very poor

When I click the buy button on linlk : Squareline,jump to Verify my email profile,always that ,can not buy licenses