How to get squareline studio to generate valid code with LVGL 8.3.1

Squareline studio generates UI code that doesn’t compile

Arduino. No specific MCU

version 8.3.1

I want my labels to use Montseratt? 24pt fonts without generating a compile error.

Creating a simple screen with 24pt fonts on the labels

Code to reproduce

Open squareline studio. Create a new Arduino project. Drop a label on the form. Set the font to montseratt 24pt.

Exported code yields a compile error. Editing lv_conf.h to turn that font on does nothing to fix it.

I’m really disappointed in this designer software. This is the very first thing I’ve tried to do with it. I am less than impressed.

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Screenshot and/or video

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If you are compiling on a Mac you need to change the lv_conf.h file in the user library: