HOW TO get keyboard user input

I am trying to create a simple Ethernet set-up screen with LVGL and I have it setup, but I don’t know how to actually store the user input being received so I can use it elsewhere.
I have attached a screenshot of the function that I use to detect the keyboard input and print it to the console. I call the function in my main code block and I send the input box as the object for the event.
ALSO, I can’t get the LV_EVENT_APPLY or the checkmark button on the keyboard to do anything. Please help, it would be much appreciated.code

You should look for LV_EVENT_APPLY on the keyboard, not the text area. Then you can retrieve the text you entered from the text area within the APPLY event handler.

So are you saying to send the keyboard object to this function and inside the function, use:
if (event === LV_EVENT_APPLY)


You should register an event handler on the keyboard and catch the LV_EVENT_APPLY event there.