How to get ESP32S3 T-Display Lilygo work properly with LVGL


I am quite new to LVGL world :). I got my self ESP32S3 T-Display 170x320 from Lilygo and integrated LVGL library to an example project using ESP-IDF.

After playing with lv_conf.h I got the the library work. However, I doubt if everything is working as it is supposed to. As you can see from the picture above the text edges have some sort of noisy colors. Is that normal ?

Note that this is an image and even when writing a normal label the same problem occurs.

Is there any setting I am missing to have sharp and decent texts.?

Hi UE,

I’m actually working with your code from github - Thanks for making it public!!!. Doesn’t look like anyone answered your question on this forum (at least not as a reply here). I watched your YT video (ESP32S3 Interfacing 8bit Display Using LVGL and ESP IDF - YouTube) and am trying to replicate it using ESP-IDF (not arduino). I am running into this:

error: #error “lv_meter: Complex drawing is required. Enable it in lv_conf.h (LV_USE_DRAW_MASKS 1)”

I tried creating lv_conf.h (from the template and enabling it) in the master components directory, but I’m sure it’s not working as putting a “#error …” statement does not force it to fail at that line.

Would you mind telling me: how did you get around this issue?


Thank you for the reply,
Some people had problem with the IDF version. are you using ESP-IDF 4.3?