How to generate lvgl stub?

How can i generate micropython stub for lvgl? I want autocomplete and documentation in vscode. What is the best way to achieve this?

I tried to generate the stubs from a microcontroller running lv_micropython. Everything else is generated, except lvgl.

Normal, on line 80 of it hardcodes the modules it will stub. It claims: “there is no option to discover modules from upython, need to hardcode”. Indeed help("modules") prints the list of modules and returns None

So one way to use this is to add `‘lvgl’ to the list declared line 80…

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One may even want to add as well espidf, ili9341 and lvesp32 and a few of the new uasyncio ones… Here is the complete printout I get from help("modules"):

__main__          gc                uasyncio/core     uos
_boot             ili9341           uasyncio/event    upip
_onewire          inisetup          uasyncio/funcs    upip_utarfile
_thread           lodepng           uasyncio/lock     urandom
_uasyncio         lvesp32           uasyncio/stream   ure
_webrepl          lvgl              ubinascii         uselect
apa106            machine           ubluetooth        usocket
btree             math              ucollections      ussl
builtins          micropython       ucryptolib        ustruct
cmath             neopixel          uctypes           utime
dht               network           uerrno            utimeq
ds18x20           ntptime           uftpd             uwebsocket
esp               onewire           uhashlib          uzlib
esp32             rtch              uhashlib          webrepl
espidf            sys               uheapq            webrepl_setup
flashbdev         uarray            uio               websocket_helper
framebuf          uasyncio/__init__ ujson             xpt2046

Its quite long. One way to fabricate the list is to write the following script:

str = """BLAH"""
lst = str.split(" ")
print([k for k in lst if len(k)>0])

and save it. I name it Then:

  1. run help("modules") on your micropcontroller
  2. take the generated text and paste it replacing the word BLAH in the script Don’t touch the triple quotes.
  3. run the script and copy/paste the resulting list in order to replace the right hand side of the = sign in line 80 of I’d personally duplicate line 80, comment out the first instance and modify the second, thus keeping a copy of the original…

Have fun!