How to generate code from square line for STM32F769I-DISCOVERY board


I am new to this. Can anyone please explain how to set the settings and modify the generated code by squareline so it can work with STM32F769I-DISCOVERY board. I have tried several different settings but none of them works. The code compiles but nothing shows on the display.
I am not sure what driver STM32F769I-DISCOVERY board uses for its screen. Is it even possible to do such a thing? with what driver library? TFT_eSPI?
I have seen a project that uses lvgl code to flash this board, but now sure how to do that with squareline.


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I do not believe Squareline Studio produces code that is specific to any type of board or display. It will only produce code for LVGL related things. Anything specific to the board you are using or the display is going to be up to you to add to the generated code.