How to focus on a group / list

I have a quick question regarding groups in LVGL,

I have successfully created a UI and ported my hardware buttons as LV_INDEV_TYPE_ENCODER

I have a joystick that acts as a LV_KEY_LEFT and LV_KEY_RIGHT and two more buttons that act as LV_KEY_ENTER and LV_KEY_ESC

I have a few pages that I create and destroy dynamically, once a page is created I create a group and set the input device to that group (lv_indev_set_group(ui_get_indev(), input_group))

Everything is working fine, however I need to press the enter button to scroll through the items within the input group, it’s especially annoying in a list (Its a setting page that I open, I have to click ENTER once before I can scroll through the list)

My question is, how can I programmatically focus on the group without having to manually click “ENTER”

I tried the following to no avail:

  1. lv_group_focus_obj(setting_list);
  2. lv_list_focus_btn(setting_list, lv_list_get_next_btn(setting_list, NULL));
  3. lv_group_send_data(input_group, LV_KEY_ENTER);
  4. lv_group_focus_next(input_group);
  5. lv_list_focus(list_btn, false);

Seems like I found the solution, using lv_group_set_editing(input_group, true); is what I was looking for