How to finish const style props array?

The following is my code,

const lv_style_const_prop_t clear_style_props[] = {
        LV_STYLE_CONST_PROPS_END //no longer works
    lv_obj_add_style(delbtn, &clear_style, 0);

I am trying to initialize style properties as a constant. The example given in the documentation says to use LV_STYLE_CONST_PROPS_END to finish the prop array, but I am getting errors in vscode saying that LV_STYLE_CONST_PROPS_END is undefined. What statement should I use instead to finish the const style props array?

which version of lvgl you use? as far as I undertand for master branch LV_STYLE_CONST_PROPS_END defined in lv_style.h as
#define LV_STYLE_CONST_PROPS_END { .prop_ptr = NULL, .value = { .num = 0 } }

That must be the problem. I am using version 8.0, and I don’t see that #defined in lv_style.h. I will update to the latest and see if that fixes it.

So you should use docs for 8.0 version