How to draw the line meter


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draw the line meter as attached

What have you tried so far?

Try the gauge obj, but have no idea to do

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Hi, embeddedt,
Is the above meter too complex? How a about the below , the one have only one scale. It is normal used in the instrument to repalce the old mechanical one. The difficult is to just refresh the area the needle take. I tried adding a window on the gauge by setting a small obj size, but hard to control the outlook. Is there any sample code for such meter?
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This one is much simpler. It can be done with one gauge object and a label on top. I would start with this example and adapt it. To adjust the angle you would change the scale.

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Hi, embeddedt,
Many Thanks!
I had tried and it worked, but there have large blank space in the left and right. How to freely adjust the visualable area ? Is there any mask can be apply to an object beside the obj size?

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Try playing around with the padding or margin style properties.

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Hi, embeddedt,
It works.

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