How To Create Custom Widgets

Hello there,

I revently startet using LVGL and its such a nice and powerful thing to use!

My question is, if there is a good documentation in terms of creating your own widgets. I’m actually lost at the moment. Could you maybe explain the first steps to create something new (like a new own label or something). How would you proceed?

I know there is this blog (Extend the functionality of objects in LittlevGL | LVGL’s Blog) but its really old and I dont understand the relatation between the base object und for example a button. And what does the extended data mean?

And there is this file:(LVGLBuilder/lv_objx_templ.c at 8404b2a3a1b6b91a2759464de7e61688136d8b07 · CURTLab/LVGLBuilder · GitHub). I’m working with the simulator on windows at the moment. And its a template in the widgets folder.

Maybe I want to much and should slow down because I’m still a newbee but maybe there is a way or something I should know or do first to understand better :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and greetings from germany.



Custom widget example in Micropython:

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Could anyone post a c code to demonstrate how to create a custom widget? Thanks.