How to create a linear scale table

Hello everyone, I want to ask why we can’t add straight line scale, for example, let us choose the circle, or the straight line scale, because now we really want the straight line scale, but only through painting.And the calculation is only plastic, because the calculation is floating point, the larger the value, the greater the deviation. Is there a way, can you use floating point painting? Thank you.

I don’t completely understand your question due to the translation limitations, but you can use fixed point with a slider if you need decimal calculations.


Thank you. It’s just that I want this scale to be straight, to be drawn in time as straight scale, not as round scale.

I want to make a circular scale into a linear scale. Is there a way? Thank you

I want the circular scale to support the linear scale,



There is no feature in LVGL to draw a linear scale at the moment.