How to create a Chinese Input Method?


how to create Chinese Input Method?

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You would have to customize the keyboard character map.

emm…is there some example code? I think coutomize the keyboard character map may not work. Because when you want to input one Chinese Character, you will input several letters then spell one Chinese Character.Like which I showed below. I should input “zhong” 5 letters then it find out Chinese Character “中”


I see. To do that, you would have to process the text area manually after each keypress. I don’t think we have any built-in functionality for this.

LV_EVENT_INSERT might help to manipulate the input.

Hi, now we have ime_pinyin can meet your needs and is still trying to add more functions.

你好,现在已经有了 ime_pinyin 组件,你可以直接在lvgl库(V8.3 +)中使用,我们正在努力尝试添加更多的功能。