How to choose character mapping format when creating a font?

How to choose character mapping format when creating a font?
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Does the latest version still not support ligatures?

These are set automatically by the converter.

It’s not supported. Can you tell your use case when you needed it?

Devanagari Ligatures


I’m not sure but it seems like the same case that we have with Arabic and Persian letter. In these languages a different unicode character should be used depending on the poistion of the letter in each word.

So in some cases completely different letters needs to be used. Can you confirm it?

But with some other differences, there are multiple characters mapped to a new character(Devanagari conjuncts - Wikipedia).And some rules can be obtained by parsing the GSUB and GPOS tables of the font file.

Wow, it’s really complex. It’d be awesome to have Devanagari support in LVGL, however to do this effectively we need support from native speaker(s).

I can help with the LVGL core side and added the required features/architecture.

So do you have time and interest to contribute with this feature?