How to change height of window's header?

When I change font of window-widget’s title. But the window’s header height is not adjusted.
If I want to change window header’s height, how to config it?

Thank you.

The height of the header is set to the greater value from buttons’ height (set by lv_win_set_btn_size) and title height (comes from header_style.text.font) plus the and body.padding.bottom of the header style.

I’ll update the docs with this information.

Then, I shoud to do is setting by 3 value of lv_win_set_btn_size() and set header_style.text.font and set ?

As usually the button height is greater than the title height the button height it will matter. So you need to set the button height and the top/bottom paddings.

I am posting this here as it also related to window headers,
Is it possible for window buttons to have a different width to height, vis Rectangular, not plain Square ?
If so, once the buttons have been set up, how does one ensure they remain that way if any attributes that invoke window realigning occur. such as size change for example.


It’s not supported now, however it should be easy to add it for yourself.
The button’s size is set here:

You can add a new attributes to lv_win_ext_t similarly to btn_size (e.g. btn_w and btn_h) and use them in the above mentioned line.