How to change direction of indicator in bar?

Hi @kisvegabor,
I want to change the direction of indicator in bar i.e. I want it from reverse side. I tried using the API lv_obj_set_style_base_dir(bar1, LV_BASE_DIR_RTL, 0), but its giving me some errors. I have taken the reference of this API from lvgl samples (Examples — LVGL documentation). I’m attaching the pics of errors I’m getting. Please guide me on this.


LV_BASE_DIR_RTL is defined here.

Please be sure that lvgl/src/misc/lv_bidi.c and lv_bidi.h is added to your project.

Hi @kisvegabor
Even after including lv_bidi.c & lv_bidi.h into project I’m facing the same error as shared above.

Please add an #error "Test" to lv_bidi.h to be sure it’s being compiled.

Do you include lvgl.h in the source file where you would like to use LV_BASE_DIR_RTL.

It shouldn’t matter, but please try enabling LV_USE_BIDI in lv_conf.h.

I have enabled LV_USE_BIDI in lv_conf.h, also included LVGL.h in source file where I’m using LV_BASE_DIR_RTL. But still I was getting those two errors. I’ll try adding #error “Test” to lv_bidi.h to be sure & get back to you