How to call flush_cb periodically

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lv_disp_drv_t.flush_cb() just calls when display has an update.
But how to flush_cb does periodically even without having display update ?
For example, each 100ms, flush_cb will be called.


static void call_refresh_cb(lv_timer_t *timer)

lv_timer_create(call_refresh_cb, 100, NULL);
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Hi @spider_vc

Is there any conflict when doing “call_refresh_cb by timer” and “new display update call”.
or do first done first, come later must wait ?

Hi @kisvegabor , @embeddedt

Maybe @spider_vc is busy now, could you answer this question?

★How to set flush_cb to control its execution.

In my app, I want to execute flush_cb each 30ms.
during this time, no matter how much the updated object is, the flush_cb will not be executed.
Right at the time of 30ms, all of them will be included in one flush_cb.

Thanks for your support!

I think you need this feature:

Hi @kisvegabor

Thanks your reply soon.
As description in your link, xxx_timer is using.
It is xxx_task in LVGL version 7.10.1, isn’t it?

This feature is new working only from v8 :frowning:

Is it possible for you to update to v8?

Hi @kisvegabor

Is there any other solution in v7?
I’m using Gui Guider, and it’s not support v8. :frowning:

Its latest version already supports v8.

Hi @kisvegabor

>Its latest version already supports v8.
Thanks for your information. I will check that.

By the way, I edited something as below code, could you help me see if there is any risk?
in _lv_inv_area(), I comment out refr task priority setting to prevent refresh screen when update any object.

void _lv_inv_area(lv_disp_t * disp, const lv_area_t * area_p)
 //★lv_task_set_prio(disp->refr_task, LV_REFR_TASK_PRIO);

In my application

static void gui_update(lv_task_t * task)
 s_disp_lcd = lv_disp_get_default();
 lv_task_set_prio(s_disp_lcd->refr_task, LV_REFR_TASK_PRIO);

It will still update the screen in lv_task_handler.

You should call s_disp_lcd->refr_task() directly but you also need to add minor tweaks in refr_task because it waits for an lv_task_t * as it’s parameter.

Thanks for your support!