How to build a firmware with micropython 1.18


I’ve got many computations(usually float number in an array) functions every 2 seconds, I’ve try to maximizing calculation speed(using cpp), but the performance is nearly same.

I’ve found the micropython 1.18(Boosted performance…) was released.
I’ve tried it, it is amazingly increased the speed like,

unit (ms)
computation_time 75 → 47
computation_time 48 → 29
computation_time 144 → 83
computation_time 150 → 85
computation_time 149 → 85
computation_time 148 → 85
computation_time 147 → 85
computation_time 167 → 99
computation_time 147 → 85
computation_time 196 → 120
computation_time 276 → 163

Anyway I am the very newbie in lvgl,
Can I ask you How to build firmware with latest micropython version?
ESP-IDF 4.3.1

git clone
cd micropython/lib
git clone

How should I run in micropython build script ?
I’ve tried to modify “ports/esp32/main/CmakeLists.txt”


There are many "error: redeclaration of enumerator ‘MP_QSTR_???’
make failed with exit code 2

This micropython update feels like I have macbook M1 max on me :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help.

If you can, I’d suggest waiting till @amirgon has time to update lv_micropython to 1.18 (historically, this has only taken a couple days).


lv_micropython is now aligned with Micropython v1.18.



Thank you so much for 1.18.
It is great gift to me, I am so excited to have it. :slight_smile:

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