How to align two lables


the number 1 seems smaller than other characters,

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just like this

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void uiTest(lv_obj_t *parent){

    lv_obj_t * cont = lv_obj_create(parent);


    lv_obj_clear_flag(cont, LV_OBJ_FLAG_SCROLLABLE); //禁止滚动

    lv_obj_t * label1 = lv_label_create(cont);

    lv_obj_t * label2 = lv_label_create(cont);




    // lv_label_set_recolor(label1, true);  

    // lv_label_set_recolor(label2, true);  



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You can create “layered” layout.

  1. set cont as flex layout with ROW alignment.
  2. create on cont two object that will act as groups on.
  3. set group_1 width to LV_SIZE_CONTENT, height to LV_PCT(100)
  4. set group_2 height to LV_PCT(100) and any width.
  5. set group_2 flex_grow to 1
  6. set group_1 and group_2 flex layout to COLUMN
  7. now append “AMP” labels to group_1 and values labels to group_2

You probably want a monospaced font instead of Montserrat…