How to add large amount of data to ROLLER WIDGET?

I would like to add large amount of options to a ROLLER widget ( above 3000 items)

I have something like this in my program memory:

const char *options[] PROGMEM={
"This option field is very long",

So is it possible to add this to a Roller? And how?

Also, when the text in highlighted option is larger than roller width, is it possible to auto scroll ?

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Hi @skartalov ,

I assume you are using version 8 of lvgl…

Sorry but currently there is no way of assigning an external data array to the Roller Widget.

However if you can use a drop down instead it does have this functionality see docs here.

Also if you are adding many items you will probably need to set this in your lv_conf.h file:

/*Extend the default -32k..32k coordinate range to -4M..4M by using int32_t for coordinates instead of int16_t*/

Hope that helps…

Kind Regards,


Yes, version 8.
I would like to scroll these options like scrolling a phonebook on a mobile phone.
Drop Down is not the same experience.
Hope in the future versions they will add such an option for Roller…